While Lee and Dave have been working together for over thirty years, many of the talented subcontractors who work together to build your home have been working with Gestach & Paulson for almost as many years as well.


The long-standing relationships enjoyed with these fine craftsman, subcontractors and suppliers help to streamline the building process, something that comes with working together for many years.


Gestach & Paulson Construction, Inc., builds new homes in selected neighborhoods in popular communities across the southwest metro area, as well as on your lot.


Owning our own excavation equipment helps us to be willing and able to take on challenging building sites and working with lots that many builders may not want to tackle.

Lee Paulson is a master carpenter whose passion for his trade is evident from the moment you meet him on the jobsite. He enjoys being a hands-on carpenter and working along side his team of employee carpenters working together on each project.


Many of today's home building companies hire out their carpentry work, but that's not the case here at Gestach & Paulson. We are proud to have our own carpenters on our team, under the experienced leadership of Lee Paulson.


Lee and our crews have worked side by side on new home projects and remodeling projects for so many years that they often can anticipate each others next moves. This helps to maintain the highest level of consistent quality and keeps projects on schedule throughout the process.



Dave Gestach and Lee Paulson have been in the business of building new homes for over thirty years. In an industry that sees builders come and go, Gestach & Paulson Construction, Inc., has remained a leading designer and builder of fine homes throughout the southwestern metro area.


A lot of things change over thirty years, but what has remained consistent for Gestach & Paulson is their commitment to custom design, superior construction quality, enduring value and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.


Hands-on builders are what defines Dave Gestach and Lee Paulson and their personalized attention to all of the details is the trademark of their long running success in the Twin City home building industry.


Most of our customers will work with Dave through the design process and being kept up to speed throughout construction. His years of expertise helps him to envision the dreams of our customers and help them visualize their new home through the design stage and into construction.









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